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Sea Bass Leather

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Professionally made leather, and unique design. It's time to say goodbye to off-the-rack leather goods, and hello to the plush look of the handmade items from Sea Bass Leather.

Sea Bass Leather

-Est. 2018

My name is Justus Seiber, and I am the man behind Sea Bass Leather. I’m originally from Lone Oak, Texas, currently residing in Stephenville, Texas. I mostly specialize in belts and other strap items, and I build wallets as well. My focus is on building items that lend themselves to my artwork and tooling skills. My passion lies more on the artwork side of this craft. As well as doing custom orders, I try to frequently keep items in stock for the buyer who is searching for simplicity, and convenience. Typically, stock items will be the more affordable items that I make, at price points that are more consumer friendly, but even then, the details are not overlooked on these items, and they are made using the same top notch materials as my custom work.

Change The Game,
Embrace Your Own Style

Embrace your own style and see your personality reflect in your beautifully handcrafted Sea Bass Leather apparel. Don’t follow the fashion trends, set one yourself!

Design with us and impress the whole world with your one-of-a-kind belt, wallet, or shirt.

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Place a order for your unique custom leather and make an impression with every glance.

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Looking for a custom item? By placing a custom order you will get to have your own sentimental nuances, different from the rest of my catalogue

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